As developer, manufacturer and supplier of private label cosmetics brands, we at GIRASOL feel particularly involved in the success of our customers, that is, the success of your business. Currently, we see big opportunities in the following markets:

  • Specialised retail trade (cosmetics branch trade);
  • Medical and paramedical market;
  • Organic retail / health food stores;
  • Internet sales through e-stores;
  • Specialist sectors in large retail;
  • Beauty Industry.


As your business partner, we feel it’s very important that we think along with you in a timely fashion and that role as a sounding board is maintained. If our customers do well, we do well! Here are some further reasons for you to market your own line of cosmetics, with Girasol Natural Products as a partner:

  • If you use your own brand or private label, you are not merely spending time, energy and money, you are investing it in your own brand. In other words, you are building up the capital value of your business.
  • By working with your own brand, you are immunized from the continuous discounting activities of the big chains. Price comparison with any own brand is opaque – especially if you fulfil marketing claims by delivering a good product.
  • Consumer purchases over the Internet continue to rise. Consumers are increasingly relying on the Internet and find buying online fun and exciting. Moreover, web shopping software is not much more expensive [that what?]. It is a great opportunity.
  • By buying at source from Girasol, you save intermediate dealer margins that make brands so expensive. You can either obtain these margins as profit or re-invest them in marketing.
  • GIRASOL offers state-of-the-art R & D and production technology. This enables a razor sharp and fast response to the specific needs of your target audience. You are therefore fully equipped to enter successfully the highly competitive cosmetics market.