Girasol is built on a solid philosophy, inherent in our name: Natural Products. The products we process, the raw materials, additives, fragrances and active ingredients are all to be found in nature. Since time immemorial, the healing and nourishing effects of many hundreds, if not thousands of plants and natural substances have been known to man. Scientific research has revealed more and more of these substances. Nature is a rich source of raw materials and we love using them for our high quality cosmetics.


Regardless of our faith in our products, today’s consumer is more than ever aware of the importance of pure and reliable products. Organic and ecological products are growth markets and, with Girasol’s product philosophy at your side, the sky is the limit.


We are not just manufacturers. We are also your sparring partner and will help you with marketing, sales, finance and distribution. Our extensive marketing experience extends to knowledge of packaging, branding, positioning and pricing. You provide the idea with a vision of the market and an approach. Together we’ll be successful, with the help of our proven system.